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Extracts emails from internet through search engines as google, bing, yahoo etc.
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8 August 2013

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Online marketers today are in the perennial pursuit of valid email IDs that would allow them to target more prospects. However a relevant email list is not always available for purchase and at times marketers need to curate emails IDs from the web based on their search parameters. Now if you are looking for an email curation tool then you should check out the Email Grabber 4.1.5 application that is designed to draw email IDs from the web using search engines. In addition can also be used to target specific web URLs and draw out IDs contained on their web pages.

When you launch the Email Grabber 4.1.5 application you can view a well structured light hued interface. The tool allows you the choice to initiate a search for email IDs by using a specific search engine such as Google or Yahoo and then digs out IDs that match your specifications. You can even place keywords to narrow the search to relevant IDs and even direct the software to search up to a specified level. Based on your requirements you can set filters for the emails and even choose to list duplicate emails. Once the email IDs has been extracted you can save them at a place and in a format of your choice. The software gives you the option to target specific website by URL and even search multiple URLs at one go. You can choose to search a given domain only or follow the outbound links for more IDs. If you want to narrow your search you can restrict the search to a specific webpage only.

Overall the Email Grabber 4.1.5 application demonstrates a great deal of flexibility in identifying and collating email IDs from multiple sources and its optimum performance earns it a score of four rating stars.

Publisher's description

Email Grabber extracts email address from Websites/URLs on internet & through popular search engines like (Bing, Google, Askcom, Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista etc). It extracts 10000's of email address from web-page with various criteria of searching and gives a email address list you actually need. Email Grabber can UPDATE Search Engines so new can be added and older update. Extracted email addresses can be saved in CSV (Open In EXCEL) and TXT files.
* Extracts 10000's of emails addreses in short time
* Add filters according to your need.
* Extracts emails from Websites (Url) and also via Search engines.
* Saves in various formats like CSV, TXT etc
* Can remove Duplicate Emails.
Email Grabber
Email Grabber
Version 4.1.5
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